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Inclusive and Safe Halloween Ideas

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Knowing this year that Halloween will be celebrated differently, we came up with a few ideas to make your celebration safe and still fun!

1. Have a Halloween-themed Scavenger Hunt

Ask your parents to hide candy around your local park, back yard or other outdoor space so that you and your friends can hunt for the candy.

2. Carve a Pumpkin

Pumpkin carving can be safe and socially distant if you do it outdoors with your friends.

3. Making Halloween Decorations or Fall Crafts over Zoom

Here are a few of our recommendations for easy, fun crafts:

  • Tissue box monster: Paint a tissue box on glue on googly eyes or teeth made from paper

  • Ghost garland: Cut white paper into ghost shapes and hang them up on a string to decorate your house

  • Pumpkin stress balls: Fill up an orange balloon with anything you have around the house, like cornstarch and water, rice, or shaving cream to create a stress ball! Then draw a jack-o-lantern face on it to make it festive!

  • Slime: Make Halloween-themed slime using orange food coloring and black glitter. You can make slime easily using glue and borax or shaving cream, glue, and saline solution.

  • Spider web: Cut a spider web shape out of black paper and hang it from a string to create some spooky decorations.

Check out this article for even more ideas!

4. Costume Contest

You and your friends can compete to see who has the best costume, either outside or over Zoom.

5. Drive in Movie

Get your whole family together to go watch a spooky drive-in Halloween movie!

6. Netflix Teleparty/ Disney+ Party

Watch your favorite Halloween movie with your friends while you’re all safe at home by using Netflix Teleparty or Disney+ Party. Disney+ has classics like Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas, and you can find other great movies like Goosebumps 1 & 2 and The Addams Family on Netflix.

7. Virtual Cooking Class with your friends Watch some Youtube videos and learn how to create an exciting new Fall dessert! Here are some of our recommendations:

8. Do a Goody Bag Exchange

Organize an exchange with some friends where you all deliver candy to each other’s houses. You can include crafts, candy, and little gifts.

9. Play Halloween-themed Charades over Zoom

You can host a Zoom meeting with your friends and play a Halloween-themed game of Charades. You can create topics related to Halloween like “characters from Halloween movies” “zombies” “vampires” or “popular Halloween costumes.”

10. Cupcake or Cookie decorations over zoom

Buy some premade cupcakes or cookies, food dye, and frosting at the grocery store to make some easy and tasty Halloween themed treats! Here are some great examples. Then, you and your friends can show them to each other over Zoom!

Additionally, many Halloween costumes are not inclusive for people who use wheelchairs, so here are some fun costume inspirations! Target and Disney sell some great adaptive Halloween costumes, and Magic Wheelchair has some amazing inspiration!

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